Pump up the jam – halfway there!

To my beloved readers and followers, get your bells and whistles out because I am OVER halfway past my fundraising goal and about halfway through my training.I have just raised over $1600 and only need another $1400 to reach my goal of $3000! Thank you to everyone that has donated it means the world to me!

What does this bring to mind you ask, none other than the great Jon Bon Jovi. Yes, of course the first song that popped into my head was a classic university theme song “whooaaaa we’re half way there, whoooaaa livin on a prayer.” Well, actually in my case I’m living on two toight ITB Bands and sore legs, but I feel that after this half I will also look as good and Jovi in a sweet pair of leather pants…not!


Also, the other song that came to mind was of the more recent nature and by my gal dem fergalicious and Black Eyed Peas…that’s right you guessed it “meet me halfway, right at the border line”

So this past week I did a 12 km run on Tuesday and then on Sunday I did my first 15 km of the season and will be doing another this weekend, but in better scenery up in Muskoka! I attempted to do just a quick 5.5 on Thursday morning last week and what started off as a normal run, ended with me “running” down my street to get to my house feeling like I was just doing stationary running man. Seriously though, it was as if my legs were left behind and I swear I thought I was sprinting down that street only to look down at my trusty watch to say I was going slow as a sloth!

I was looking at the upcoming run lengths for my training and cannot wait until after September 28th when my 20 km run is over. I’m sure afterwards I am going to feel like such a boss, but the thought of having to do it until then will haunt my dreams. Then haunt again as San Fran creeps closer and closer. All you have to remember when you train is how much better you feel afterwards – no better reward then feeling as good as you do after you work out. No worse feeling then your alarm going off in the morning and swinging your legs out of bed.


To all my fellow runners out there training for a race/run just remember you’re doing awesome and more than what most people are doing. Every run = 1 croissant and coffee…right????

Thanks again for all of those who have donated and for those that wish to you can do so via the below link Any amount is more than enough and I can’t express my appreciation!


One love – peace out!

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Hot, hot, hot or cold

Ohhh Canadian summer how you never disappoint with your mysterious ways. Canadian summer can be best described by Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek in the SNL Jeopardy category ‘hot or cold’.  We had a few days of wicked warm weather which training in was nowhere near fun. The air was so thick that it felt as though I was swimming through the humidity and you just don’t feel good after. There was a point where I just wondered if my running ability was lost because to run 5 km felt like I was running a half marathon already. To top it off, I’d come home and we don’t have air conditioning so it was one sweat box to the next.


But alas, true Canadian summer has re-surfaced and the cooler mornings have been a god-send to my training. I said to my Team in Training mentor that I feel like I got my running grove back – not as exciting as Stella getting her groove back, but close. The ability to go for a run, sweat and not want to vomit/pass out at the end (or during as it so happened on my 12 km run day in the heat) is the greatest feeling.


Also the greatest feeling is training with my two Team in Training buddies Leanne and Nadia and then going for breakfast after. We went down to the lakeshore this past weekend, knocked out a 10 k run then scarfed down some delicious breakfast. You know what else is great about this – you show up at this breakfast place in your running gear, feeling like a million bucks, and you feel that everyone around you should be congratulating you for getting up and running at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning. Or at least you feel pretty bad ass as the hung-over people start entering your eating establishment and you feel great. In your mind you’re like “Yes, it’s only 10 I’ve accomplished so much I’m going to go home and get shit done (which I deem GSD’ing)” and realistically you get home and barely find the urge to shower and have a nap….that’s still #winning isn’t it? Tigerblood? Is that over now?


Tomorrow I am fore-going my long run to get dressed-up and get in the Caribana Parade. So yes, I am going to be part of that really annoying parade that closes the lakeshore but it is honestly the best thing in the world. No matter your age, shape, size, colour everyone is included and it really is an amazing day. Who says no to glitter, whistles and soca music!!!


San Fran is getting closer and the runs are getting longer but I’m in it to win it. Don’t forget to donate and help me reach my goal of $3000 and don’t forget to enjoy your long weekend!


Till next time – peace out hombres!

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A week off with the bestie

Apologies for absence friends, but last week I ventured to Florida (Miami and Boynton Beach to be precise) with my bestie which was a MUCH needed holiday away from the Tdot. Beach. Sun. Huge Cocktails. Yea budday. Also thrown in was an amazing reunion with some friends that had a stop over to South America that I hadn’t seen in over two years, short and sweet!

Also, by bestie I obviously mean my co-dependent life partner (CDLP) Kar. What is a CDLP you ask? Well it is someone who you have an overwhelming connection with who will always be your number one, and boyfriends are number 2 – no one tops a CDLP. Your co-dependence creeps people out, but that’s just because they don’t understand your deep connection. Haters gonna hate, CDLP lovers will love.

Miami beach

Miami beach

The trip was just what I needed, while it was a week off training it was perfect for mentally re-setting myself and coming back prepared to work. Which I did this week, it’s only Thursday night and I’ve completed 4 training workouts and two more on the weekend. I sometimes find the only way for me to get back  into the swing of things is to slightly overdo it for a week and a half so my body knows what I’m doing is good. Seriously though, you get out of training for too long and you really do forget how amazing you feel after a week of good work outs.

Before the trip I met up with the Team in Training crew for the kick-off and it was great. I met my coaches and my mentor both who I am very excited to work with this season and it was great motivation to get to training. I’m looking forward to weekend runs followed by brunch and a bit of chatting. The kick-0ff was also a great reminder of what an amazing thing Team in Training is. Going through how the money I raise will be directly helping to fund the research and hearing peoples moving stories was just so inspiring. At the end we made a circle and  said who we were running for. While I particularly do not have a person, hearing everyone else was just so amazing and I will be running for all of their family members and loved ones who they have had to say goodbye too or who are in remission.



Battle of brain vs body…round one…FIGHT

The past month or so my brain and body seemed to be in war with eachother, my body saying ‘yea lets exercise’ and my brain being like ‘ummm ya, I don’t know about that’. So this week away was just what I needed. I would highly recommend to anyone doing the same. Find your best friend, or a group of friends that you know you will have a good time with and if you’re struggling with training, have a couple days off and re-group (not too close to race time…but you get the idea). Best friends are really just the best. They get you and they know how to talk you out from under a desk when you phone them crying from there (don’t judge me). They laugh when you have an “I carried a watermelon moment” and put you in your place when you need puttin’.

On Saturday I am going for my first mentor led run and I cant’ wait to meet some more of the TNT team and continue on my journey to beat up the hills of San Fran like a bawss.

Until next time my friends, keep up the running, training and basking in the glory of a Canadian ‘summer’!Team


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GPS watch loves me, GPS watch loves me not

These past two weeks I have been in major struggle town with my running in two categories: motivation and my legs not moving. I currently have a major love/hate relationship with my GPS watch. I may need to break up with him, yes it’s a him, and I shall name him Frank. Franks sometimes is a little too ‘frank’ with me in regards to my pace and it makes me want to tear him off and throw him into the woods. After running a pb in the 10 km I had two really good weeks of keeping up the pace and now, it’s dropped.

I find when I have gone for my last few runs I’ve been more focused on my pace that I’ve almost lost the joy in running, which makes me think that Frank needs to go away for a month to allow me to get back into my groove before he helps me train again.

My motivation has been zero lately; it makes me think I need to sign up for another fun run before the big race in October. I’m considering a couple ones or a possible 3 K swim in Ottawa to change things up. My secret motivation tool, and get ready to laugh or be slightly weirded out, is puppies. I love to run through the parks where they have the off-leash dog areas and stare at them. Sometimes I consider pushing an owner over and just stealing the dog. When I go for my longer runs on Saturday it’s the only thing that helps me push through to the longer distance is to get to that dog park. I am also the huge creep that stares at the dog and then smiles at the owner. Something I just realised creeps/annoy dog owners. One of my friends who runs with her dog is like ‘these weird people just smile at me when they run by’ – welp I am one of those weirdos!

I am also into straight shaming. A fellow runner and friend Christene shames me when I need to be shamed and its fabulous. That being said, I am still averaging 3 runs a week and I’m looking to up that to 4-5 if I can.


In regards to my legs they just seem heavy and so I think I need to get my squat on and use the ‘yes/no’ machine…girls, you know what I’m talking about! I am open to any suggestions anyone has for good leg workouts for runners or good workouts in general.

I am also super excited to meeting my fellow team in training peeps on Saturday at the kick-off event and meet my coach Leanne. In a small world, Leanne actually ran with my friend Natalie through the Ottawa chapter so I’m excited for that. Natalie will also be running with me in October and is the one who wrote a very persuasive email to get me to join TNT. It will be awesome to train with her I feel!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend and in the words of the great Hal and Joanne – keep fit and have fun!

body break

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TnT is dynamite!

Last week I was very excited to have my first meeting with some of the other San Fran runners at the Team in Training office. Despite a storm brewing on the outside a few of us were able to make it and chat about running, past experiences and fundraising. A couple of the ladies there said they do about 4-5 races a year all over the place  – they were actually about to head over to Edinburgh and the one lady was going to land on Saturday evening and race Sunday. I don’t think I would ever be able to do that, especially with jet lag!

One of the reasons I decided to join in Team in Training (TnT), other than some good ‘ol fashion peer pressure, was the fact that you do this as a team. I think that TnT is unique in this sense for as far as I am aware (and correct me if I am wrong) there aren’t many charity’s out there that put the time and effort TnT does for running events.

While I haven’t raced any events with them before, the other ladies last week were saying how encouraging it is to see the purple shirts everywhere and that the coaches don’t leave until everyone part of TnT, whether it be their chapter or not, crosses the finish line. In fact, they will get back on the course and help you finish. My friend Nat who did it last year said one of the coaches was her saving grace for finishing the last bit of the full marathon (I still don’t know how she did it!).

It was also great to get some fundraising tips and speak with the other ladies about getting together to do it as a team and work together. Which reminds me, don’t’ forget to donate to me! Below is the link to my personal page to donate too and any amount you are able to donate goes a long way!  No amount is too small 🙂


This past week I got in 3 runs which I was quite happy about – did a 12 km run on Sunday which ended on a hill. I may have almost spewed at the top but felt great after. However, my hips/butt area are in so much pain that this morning’s run I wasn’t sure if my legs were actually moving they felt like tree trunks!

I would like to know why this is. Why is it that sometimes you can smash a run and other times you don’t even know if you can make it 2 kms and your legs feel like you have 8 small children attached to each that you have to carry with you!

And for your enjoyment this hilarious meme I found – enjoy your week and get out and run!!


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A week of PB’s…and I don’t mean the sandwich

Although, let’s be honest I could eat peanut butter errday if I had to – best life staple out there.

I apologise for no blog post last week but I was away for work charming the pants off industry professionals, not in the literal sense don’t worry, and didn’t have time to write. I am happy to announce that despite my doubts I managed to shave time off my last Sporting Life 10K run and finished in a time of 54:45. Geared up in my shorts and t-shirt on the chilly day I had a great pacing buddy throughout the race, the wonderful Lysha, and we were able to finish within just seconds of each other. It was great to cross the finish line and celebrate with a great friend.

Magdi, me and Lysh all matchy matchy pre-race

Magdi, me and Lysh all matchy matchy pre-race

The course of the race runs down Yonge Street and I will shamelessly tell you that it is also the best race to achieve a PB as it’s mostly downhill. So if you’re looking for some false confidence – sign up next year!

My race time really got me thinking about how fast my pace really should be. In the mornings when I run I’ve never been overly concerned about my pace time and more just impressed that I managed to get out of bed. It turns out I should be running between a 26-28 minute 5 km at least!  While away at the conference I got in two runs at the hotel gym and managed to do my 5 km’s in approx. 26 mins so that goes with a couple new personal bests. So my new goal is to actually pay attention on my shorter runs to make sure I keep up the pace and then work towards keeping it for longer distances in my training for the half-marathon.

As a side note I would like to say something to all the people who run on treadmills at the gym. I realize that I should be congratulating you on exercising but there a few things I feel should be universal rules when at a gym on any machine.

  1. Is it possible to keep the grunting to a minimum? I mean I get you’re struggling but we’re not in the jungle and every time you do it you scare the shiz out of me as I think there is all of a sudden an attacker behind me and I’m thinking stranger danger!
  2. Conversations on your mobile phones are unnecessary. I was running beside this girl who was jogging on the treadmill, answered her phone and proceeded to have a 5 min conversation while still jogging. Impressive, yes. Necessary, probably not.
  3. Deodorant is a must. As outkast put it so nicely in their song “I know you’d like to thank your shit don’t stank/But lean a little bit closer/See that roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo/Yeah, roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo.” Seriously, if you’re in closed quarters with other people please remember personal hygiene.

Okay, and those are ‘Sarah’s tips for the week’. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and this warmer weather that is upon us, hopefully you can all make the most of it and get some outdoor activity up in your grill!

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A message to my street supports and race prep

Happy Friday errone! We finally had an amazing week of weather with the sun shining and the sun crisping out skin – too bad that’s going to end tomorrow! I had a great week of training with some great friends who graciously agreed to run with me. I find that running with friends, especially on long runs, is a great way to catch up and talk your feelings out if needed. It also really helps the time pass and you don’t realize how far/long you’ve been running which is great.

This brings me to this week’s topic – street supporters of runners. These are the people who decide to “cheer” on runners by yelling really inspiring things like “dayum gurl”,  “you lookin fine in those shorts”, or the lazy ones who just honk their horns then stare out of their white panel van like a huge creep. I would like to request that any of you who fit into the above categories please change your tactics. Heading home from a run with my friend El I ran past a TTC employee at Yonge and Eg who very thoughtfully yelled at me to “Keep up the great work” and it was so nice. If more people yelled things like that as you run by maybe we’d be more inspired to keep going and feel good about ourselves, instead of putting our heads down and praying you don’t stop at the lights with the guy in the van.  Let’s aim to inspire the perspirers!


This weekend I am running the Sporting Life 10 K and I am looking forward to it, although I don’t know if I feel fully trained for it. It’s meant to be an easy run as most of it is on a downhill slant and I hit a PB last year and I’d like to try and beat it this year.  So here’s to hoping!

My favourite thing about race prep is that in the week before the race you’re not meant to run too much and the night before you can eat a butt load of carbs and feel like a boss for ‘carb-loading’. Obviously for a 10 k you’re not doing too much of it, but I will inhale whatever pasta dish Sam makes me on Saturday to give me the energy to smash my PB!

Well, that’s my rant for this week – results from the weekend to follow. Anyone running the 10 K this Sunday I wish you the best of luck and may the force be with you.

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