When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this

To continue my theme of some of my fave rap songs, I turn to Biggie – may he rest in peace. While I may have never been dead broke (unless you count the way I self-restrict myself on my budget) I am not naturally a runner, and in a million years I could never have pictured myself getting ready to head off to San Francisco to run a Half Marathon. And while I may not be ‘pimpin Ac with minks on my back’ I do have an accountant boyfriend that handles ‘that’.

Biggie says "Girl, run that last 1.1 km you can do it"

Biggie says “Girl, run that last 1.1 km you can do it”

With only a week away until I leave I have been doing a lot of thinking, mostly on my runs, about how only 4 years ago I really started running. I basically grew up in a pool. I started Synchronized Swimming when I was 7 and started competitive Synchronized Swimming when I was 9 and basically continued with it until 2nd year University.

Why so serious? Not actually me, but I enjoy this representation of synchro...

Why so serious? Not actually me, but I enjoy this representation of synchro…

I’m a fish by nature who basically flops like a fish out of water when put on ‘dry land’ to exercise. You can ask my friends who saw my attempt to run in university – probably best describe as Pheobe in that friends episode (see gif below). Having grown up in a team sport environment I found it even more challenging to find the motivation to do a ‘non-team’ version of exercise so to be here today, about 10 years later entering into my second half is crazy awesome.

Pure class!

Click o the photo to see pure class!

I started running while I was living in Melbourne with my roommate when we started just doing 4 km runs in the mornings and then turned into ambitiously entering into our first race – a 15 km run. I was hooked after that and have been entering into at least 2 runs a year. Not many compared to others but  more than maybe most! When I moved home from Melbourne I kept running but wasn’t sure what my next move would be. I met Lara about a year after moving home when I joined up for a boot camp and coincidentally she had just moved back from Australia, lived right by me and was training for a marathon. After doing a 14 k morning run with her I thought surely I could do a half and signed up to do one in the fall. Then I got an email from my friend Nat who suggested team in training and well, here I am today.

I don’t know that I would feel comfortable calling myself ‘runner’ still, I think I still have my ‘training’ wheels on but am almost there. Perhaps next year or the next race I decide to conquer. All I know is I have gone from detesting running to more than liking it. If you can get past the first few struggle runs, find your stride and don’t put pressure on yourself to beat a certain time when you’re starting out you may learn to love it too! Even to this day if I’m not training, I’m not concerned about my pace, just happy I am out running!

Also – a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has donated and supported me through the run. I have gone over my goal and have raised $3,300 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and could not be more grateful for the support so thank you!!

So, well, if you don’t know, now you know….runners!

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