The Salmon of Mount Royal

Hills. Hills. And more hills. That pretty much sums up my run on Saturday. I was visiting my sister and my gorgeous nephew this past week in Montreal and like a good ‘athlete’ I kept my training up. As previously discussed I had asked for a route and was given, what Ferg deemed as the ‘three tits’, a hilly route. Instead of going to where he suggested I start my sister said “oh just run up Queen Mary to Mount Royal, it’s a bit of a hill but should be fine.” Well, it was all hill. My whole run was an incline with minimal decline.

Oh just a nice steady legs loved that - not.

Oh just a nice steady incline…my legs loved that – not.

I also was a bit confused with the route as I have never run Mount Royal before and was trying to follow Ferg’s directions on my phone. The confusion was met with my lack my French knowledge – note to self what is in English on your map is not on the run. Case and point Beaver Lake, where I was set to meet my sister after run is really Lac de Castor (not the sugar).

Back to the point, it was an uphill battle (pun intended) but the one thing I noticed was that I felt like I was running the wrong way the whole time. While I was again in struggletown battling the never ending Mount all the runners seemed to running down. It really made me think that I was just a lone sockeye salmon swimming upstream! It also made me think “aww F! All these people know the right way to run and I’m working extra hard.” BUT! I finished my 12.5 km run and with a good pace which I was super impressed with. I was met by my sister and my nephew and we headed out for a delicious brunch which was great.

This Nike Salmon looks a lot better than I did!

This Nike Salmon looks a lot better than I did!

On a sad note – my Nike GPS watch seems to have a moisture problem. After running 20 km in the rain last weekend it seems to be some water in it. I called Nike and they are experiencing a backlog and can possibly take up to 8 weeks to return it so I’ve taken it upon my friend white rice to do what it does best – suck out the moisture. God, I hate that word but really there is no other word to describe moist is there!? If anyone has any other home remedies please let me know because I NEED the watch!!!

I did another leg workout yesterday – not in as much pain at the moment as last time, however I fear tomorrow morning. Got in a run this morning and have two more planned for Wednesday and Thursday morning before I tackle another 18 km on Saturday.

Truth - what gets me signed up for every race!

Truth – what gets me signed up for every race!

I also have raised over $2000 in my donations so a big thank you again to all of my supporters! I have less than $1000 to go in 3 weeks so if you haven’t yet you can donate via the link below – no amount is too little (but $25 gets you a tax receipt if you want one!)

Looking forward to smashing another week of training and hope you are too! Or at least looking forward to me smashing another week about it and then writing about it (complaining about it) here!

Here’s to only one month until I leave for San Fran and to hills being friends, not foes!

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