Straight off a double header

Walk into work on Monday, co-workers asked what I did this past weekend, my response “fell asleep at 8:30, like a boss.” I also slept like a baby for 12 hours. On Saturday I met up with my Team in Training buddies for our Saturday session in High Park. Bound with determination we set out to take on 20 km and own the Lakeshore. Well, it turned out the Lakeshore owned us as 8 km into the run we got caught in the rain. We completed the rain, with an additional loser lap or two. You know loser laps, when you miscalculate your distance and making sure you make the km’s. Happened to me the week before as Sam and I ran up and down our street!

Me, Coach Brock, Leanne and Nadia pre-soaking

Me, Coach Brock, Leanne and Nadia pre-soaking

With 20 km down, and only the front of me wet, we set off to Dr Generosity to shovel food into my face. While we were sitting there discussing races etc everyone but me agreed on one thing – half marathons are the best distance for a race. One of the coaches said it was because it was short enough to push yourself. WHAT. THE. F. Is this guy smoking!? That was all I could think. Here I am in struggle town (obviously population me) and they are loving it. A 10 km race to me is the best distance for a race where I know I can push myself, who knows though maybe I’ll be a convert eventually…

Oh Grumpy Cat you make everything better

Oh Grumpy Cat you make everything better

Straight from there I headed home to shower, get warm then head out to a LCBO for a tag day with Leanne. So after 20 km, I got to stand on my feet for 4.5 hours, thankfully the staff at the LCBO let us stand inside so we weren’t stuck in the rain. This is the second tag day Leanne and I have done and we’ve come to a conclusion – British people are a lot more generous with donating! At two different locations we found that they were the more consistent of the generous supporters of our run.  One of the best things about these tag days is the people watching. If you’re an avid people watcher like I am this is pure gold! You are always surprised about who donates and who doesn’t – goes to show that you really can’t judge a book by its cover now can you!

Another favourite part of our day was a man that walked past us, did a bit of a double take and said “Leukemia, I mean come on” and then donated to us. It is great to have the support of complete strangers and it’s always interesting to find out how many people are affected by Leukemia or Lymphoma, it’s nice to know in a way where /who the money is going to help.

Staying on track

Last week I had a minor set-back when on Wednesday my hip was in a lot of pain every time I walked on it. With a bit of consultation with my coach I headed right to the chiro and found out I that I have tweeked my TFL, which is in my hip. I was told it is a common injury in female runners…thanks for biting that apple eve! It didn’t stop me from the 20 km and I’ve been strengthening it with leg work outs (still screaming in pain silently when I have to sit) and I only had about half a beer on the weekend!

This week my body is confused as to why I am doing this to it. Sometimes I am confused as to why I am doing this to myself, but that instant gratification and the feeling you get after a run is something you can’t really get from sleeping in!

I am heading off to Montreal this weekend to see my wee lil nephew and will be going to tackle a Mount Royal run, which I know will burn like a mofo, but I shall take on the hills like Maria took on the hills in Sound of Music and make them alive!

Here’s to another week of training down and staying on track. Take on the challenge and get out of the house this weekend before it gets too cold to enjoy it!

Obviously none of you feel this way because you got to the bottom of my blog post. NAILED IT!

Obviously none of you feel this way because you got to the bottom of my blog post. NAILED IT!

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  1. Happy Runner says:

    Good luck on your training!

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