September – never was a cloudy day

Well, except for today, today was cloudy. But who doesn’t think of Earth, Wind and Fire as September sweeps in and cools down the hot summer nights.  September is a strange time of year, there is a sombre spirit as school re-starts and everyone has to re-adjust routines. September to me is a time to re-new and re-set – it is more serious than New Years and as such I am declaring my resolutions and the challenges I am giving myself in preparation for race day, which is only 6 weeks away! Ahh. Okay, no, I will take it all head on, like a boss.


Challenge 1 – incorporate a leg workout

So my first challenge it to incorporate a leg work out into my training. I’ve currently been pretty lax in it, when in reality I know it would help condition and prevent injuries. But seriously, squats, who actually likes them? I am going to learn to love them hopefully. If anyone has any suggestions of good leg workouts for running and strengthening the knee area my ears (well I guess eyes) are open to your suggestions!

Challenge 2 – No alcohol

Kind of. Look, I like beer and I would love to say I for sure would be able to cut it out but sometimes you just need one. Also, lately on a Friday if I’ve had just one beer before my long runs on Saturday I feel like I have more energy. Maybe that is just mind over matter, but in my mind I’m just like “oh yeah, I’m carb loading.” So in conclusion, my ‘detox’ is going to be a 1 beer rule. That is 1 beer a week if I see fit but no more than that and no wine or liquor.I’m also hoping this ‘detox’ will help my wallet becoming fuller and my stomach become flatter.


Challenge 3 – eating better

Which failed miserably tonight as I shoved three home-made cookies in my mouth (thanks Moreen…) I tried so hard to resist temptation, I even gave away my cookies at lunch to a co-worker but I caved tonight. Decided Sam will be going to work with the rest of them tomorrow to rid the house of them. I am pretty good with my breakfast (I just made some homemade muesli) and lunch it’s just the snacking in the afternoon so I will get better and bring healthy snacks. I have also decided that I must make 1 recipie a week from a new book I got (Food52 – check out the blog

Challenge 4 – meeting my fundraising goal

I only have $1200 to go and am looking to reach the goal by October 3rd so if you haven’t already donated you can do so on my Team in Training page here:

I can’t not begin to express my gratitude to all those that have already donated and for your support. The money raised is going directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada and is supporting many people and their families get through and stay positive.

So there it is, my dirty laundry aired out!

In training news, I had a great week last week and some great views and sunsets. Sam was a saint and did my 18 km run with me on Saturday, which of course was followed chocolate milk and an omelette. I was able to do the 18 km in under 2 hours and was really happy with it as I did incorporate quite a few hills.

Hills are great because the route came out for the run! You can see what I’m up against below!

In the words of Destiny’s Child, will you run my hills, will you run my San Francisco hills, if you did then maybe we could chill….

To a great running/training week ahead! Here’s to setting new challenges and smashing them!

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