Food: the real reason I run

Let’s get serious for a second here, when it comes down to what really motivates me to go the distance, so to speak, is none other than what I can eat afterwards. I don’t really count food as a motivation for shorter runs – those shorter; push through the pain runs are okay because you know you’ll feel amazeaballs afterwards. Long runs, motivation = food. It’s not just the food after the run I get to consume; it is the guiltless pasta I stuff in my face the night before.



This past weekend I tackled 16 km, this weekend 18 km and the weekend after will be the first 20 km in my training schedule. Around Thursday I start dreading it just thinking about how long it will take me, the lack of sleep I will get on the weekend to get up and run it before the heat kicks in – because you know, summer just showed up – but then I remember, to run these runs I need fuel. Fuel = pasta dinners and deserts. Case and point, last Friday we were invited to a barbeque and what did they have, meat ravioli, burgers, sausages and smart food. Of course I loaded my plate with the ravioli and snacked on the smart food until desert – waffle cones and ice cream. I washed it all down with a delicious beer, and while my food baby grew in my stomach I was completely satisfied with knowing I was going to run 16 km. Guilt? What Guilt, I’m a runner….right?

Then comes the after run ‘re-fuel’. Whoever did the research around Chocolate Milk being good for you after I run; I could literally kiss, hug and even make a day after. I get extreme satisfaction of downing chocolate milk after my long runs. Apologies to all my lactose intolerant friends, don’t worry I’ll drink yours. The other great thing is some of my favourite foods have the protein you need for post-run recovery. It is extremely important after runs to re-fuel for recovery, as I have learned first-hand, it can take hangry to a whole new level if you don’t! It also helps with your muscle recovery and fatigue.

Speaking of fatigue, I got an email from one of my coaches this week speaking on fatigue and rest. It’s like she knew I was in struggle-town with being half-way to the race and needed a voice of reason. As hard it is, it is important to rest when your body is telling you to. Last year before my half-marathon I was pushing myself through these days and ended up injuring my knee close to my race. While I was still able to run the half, I had to be careful and take more days off training then I would have had I listened to my body. While it is hard to do this, and you feel disappointed in yourself, it is important to remember everyone goes through a few bad days. But better to rest, re-group, and get back out there better than be injured or worse, get more frustrated with your results because you didn’t rest.

Need a rest? Make like fat Amy and try out some horizontal running!

Need a rest? Make like fat Amy and try out some horizontal running!

Also – for further entertainment I found another blogger who writes about his running adventures as well. He also has the same motivation as I do for running, only he characterizes it much better via comics. Check him out at

It’s hard to believe that the race is now less than 2 months away. I am looking forward to getting the first 20 km training run done, out of the way, rewarding myself obviously with food, and feel a bit more prepared for what’s ahead of me.

I am also just $1200 off from my fundraising goal which is a great feeling and a huge thanks for all those who are not only supporting me through a donation but encourage me to get out there. I have actually instilled a ‘shaming system’ with a friend to shame us into running. Sounds strange, but it works!

Well, as September draws nearer I hope everyone enjoyed their summers and like me, are hoping for an Indian summer with some warm September weekends in the future!

Here’s to food after runs! Let’s get’er done peeps!


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One Response to Food: the real reason I run

  1. manicivy says:

    I LOVE LOVE chocolate milk after running! and a nice big Burrito w/a side of guacamole! Happy running!

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