Pump up the jam – halfway there!

To my beloved readers and followers, get your bells and whistles out because I am OVER halfway past my fundraising goal and about halfway through my training.I have just raised over $1600 and only need another $1400 to reach my goal of $3000! Thank you to everyone that has donated it means the world to me!

What does this bring to mind you ask, none other than the great Jon Bon Jovi. Yes, of course the first song that popped into my head was a classic university theme song “whooaaaa we’re half way there, whoooaaa livin on a prayer.” Well, actually in my case I’m living on two toight ITB Bands and sore legs, but I feel that after this half I will also look as good and Jovi in a sweet pair of leather pants…not!


Also, the other song that came to mind was of the more recent nature and by my gal dem fergalicious and Black Eyed Peas…that’s right you guessed it “meet me halfway, right at the border line”

So this past week I did a 12 km run on Tuesday and then on Sunday I did my first 15 km of the season and will be doing another this weekend, but in better scenery up in Muskoka! I attempted to do just a quick 5.5 on Thursday morning last week and what started off as a normal run, ended with me “running” down my street to get to my house feeling like I was just doing stationary running man. Seriously though, it was as if my legs were left behind and I swear I thought I was sprinting down that street only to look down at my trusty watch to say I was going slow as a sloth!

I was looking at the upcoming run lengths for my training and cannot wait until after September 28th when my 20 km run is over. I’m sure afterwards I am going to feel like such a boss, but the thought of having to do it until then will haunt my dreams. Then haunt again as San Fran creeps closer and closer. All you have to remember when you train is how much better you feel afterwards – no better reward then feeling as good as you do after you work out. No worse feeling then your alarm going off in the morning and swinging your legs out of bed.


To all my fellow runners out there training for a race/run just remember you’re doing awesome and more than what most people are doing. Every run = 1 croissant and coffee…right????

Thanks again for all of those who have donated and for those that wish to you can do so via the below link Any amount is more than enough and I can’t express my appreciation!


One love – peace out!

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