Hot, hot, hot or cold

Ohhh Canadian summer how you never disappoint with your mysterious ways. Canadian summer can be best described by Will Ferrell as Alex Trebek in the SNL Jeopardy category ‘hot or cold’.  We had a few days of wicked warm weather which training in was nowhere near fun. The air was so thick that it felt as though I was swimming through the humidity and you just don’t feel good after. There was a point where I just wondered if my running ability was lost because to run 5 km felt like I was running a half marathon already. To top it off, I’d come home and we don’t have air conditioning so it was one sweat box to the next.


But alas, true Canadian summer has re-surfaced and the cooler mornings have been a god-send to my training. I said to my Team in Training mentor that I feel like I got my running grove back – not as exciting as Stella getting her groove back, but close. The ability to go for a run, sweat and not want to vomit/pass out at the end (or during as it so happened on my 12 km run day in the heat) is the greatest feeling.


Also the greatest feeling is training with my two Team in Training buddies Leanne and Nadia and then going for breakfast after. We went down to the lakeshore this past weekend, knocked out a 10 k run then scarfed down some delicious breakfast. You know what else is great about this – you show up at this breakfast place in your running gear, feeling like a million bucks, and you feel that everyone around you should be congratulating you for getting up and running at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning. Or at least you feel pretty bad ass as the hung-over people start entering your eating establishment and you feel great. In your mind you’re like “Yes, it’s only 10 I’ve accomplished so much I’m going to go home and get shit done (which I deem GSD’ing)” and realistically you get home and barely find the urge to shower and have a nap….that’s still #winning isn’t it? Tigerblood? Is that over now?


Tomorrow I am fore-going my long run to get dressed-up and get in the Caribana Parade. So yes, I am going to be part of that really annoying parade that closes the lakeshore but it is honestly the best thing in the world. No matter your age, shape, size, colour everyone is included and it really is an amazing day. Who says no to glitter, whistles and soca music!!!


San Fran is getting closer and the runs are getting longer but I’m in it to win it. Don’t forget to donate and help me reach my goal of $3000 and don’t forget to enjoy your long weekend!


Till next time – peace out hombres!

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