A week off with the bestie

Apologies for absence friends, but last week I ventured to Florida (Miami and Boynton Beach to be precise) with my bestie which was a MUCH needed holiday away from the Tdot. Beach. Sun. Huge Cocktails. Yea budday. Also thrown in was an amazing reunion with some friends that had a stop over to South America that I hadn’t seen in over two years, short and sweet!

Also, by bestie I obviously mean my co-dependent life partner (CDLP) Kar. What is a CDLP you ask? Well it is someone who you have an overwhelming connection with who will always be your number one, and boyfriends are number 2 – no one tops a CDLP. Your co-dependence creeps people out, but that’s just because they don’t understand your deep connection. Haters gonna hate, CDLP lovers will love.

Miami beach

Miami beach

The trip was just what I needed, while it was a week off training it was perfect for mentally re-setting myself and coming back prepared to work. Which I did this week, it’s only Thursday night and I’ve completed 4 training workouts and two more on the weekend. I sometimes find the only way for me to get back  into the swing of things is to slightly overdo it for a week and a half so my body knows what I’m doing is good. Seriously though, you get out of training for too long and you really do forget how amazing you feel after a week of good work outs.

Before the trip I met up with the Team in Training crew for the kick-off and it was great. I met my coaches and my mentor both who I am very excited to work with this season and it was great motivation to get to training. I’m looking forward to weekend runs followed by brunch and a bit of chatting. The kick-0ff was also a great reminder of what an amazing thing Team in Training is. Going through how the money I raise will be directly helping to fund the research and hearing peoples moving stories was just so inspiring. At the end we made a circle and  said who we were running for. While I particularly do not have a person, hearing everyone else was just so amazing and I will be running for all of their family members and loved ones who they have had to say goodbye too or who are in remission.



Battle of brain vs body…round one…FIGHT

The past month or so my brain and body seemed to be in war with eachother, my body saying ‘yea lets exercise’ and my brain being like ‘ummm ya, I don’t know about that’. So this week away was just what I needed. I would highly recommend to anyone doing the same. Find your best friend, or a group of friends that you know you will have a good time with and if you’re struggling with training, have a couple days off and re-group (not too close to race time…but you get the idea). Best friends are really just the best. They get you and they know how to talk you out from under a desk when you phone them crying from there (don’t judge me). They laugh when you have an “I carried a watermelon moment” and put you in your place when you need puttin’.

On Saturday I am going for my first mentor led run and I cant’ wait to meet some more of the TNT team and continue on my journey to beat up the hills of San Fran like a bawss.

Until next time my friends, keep up the running, training and basking in the glory of a Canadian ‘summer’!Team


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