GPS watch loves me, GPS watch loves me not

These past two weeks I have been in major struggle town with my running in two categories: motivation and my legs not moving. I currently have a major love/hate relationship with my GPS watch. I may need to break up with him, yes it’s a him, and I shall name him Frank. Franks sometimes is a little too ‘frank’ with me in regards to my pace and it makes me want to tear him off and throw him into the woods. After running a pb in the 10 km I had two really good weeks of keeping up the pace and now, it’s dropped.

I find when I have gone for my last few runs I’ve been more focused on my pace that I’ve almost lost the joy in running, which makes me think that Frank needs to go away for a month to allow me to get back into my groove before he helps me train again.

My motivation has been zero lately; it makes me think I need to sign up for another fun run before the big race in October. I’m considering a couple ones or a possible 3 K swim in Ottawa to change things up. My secret motivation tool, and get ready to laugh or be slightly weirded out, is puppies. I love to run through the parks where they have the off-leash dog areas and stare at them. Sometimes I consider pushing an owner over and just stealing the dog. When I go for my longer runs on Saturday it’s the only thing that helps me push through to the longer distance is to get to that dog park. I am also the huge creep that stares at the dog and then smiles at the owner. Something I just realised creeps/annoy dog owners. One of my friends who runs with her dog is like ‘these weird people just smile at me when they run by’ – welp I am one of those weirdos!

I am also into straight shaming. A fellow runner and friend Christene shames me when I need to be shamed and its fabulous. That being said, I am still averaging 3 runs a week and I’m looking to up that to 4-5 if I can.


In regards to my legs they just seem heavy and so I think I need to get my squat on and use the ‘yes/no’ machine…girls, you know what I’m talking about! I am open to any suggestions anyone has for good leg workouts for runners or good workouts in general.

I am also super excited to meeting my fellow team in training peeps on Saturday at the kick-off event and meet my coach Leanne. In a small world, Leanne actually ran with my friend Natalie through the Ottawa chapter so I’m excited for that. Natalie will also be running with me in October and is the one who wrote a very persuasive email to get me to join TNT. It will be awesome to train with her I feel!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend and in the words of the great Hal and Joanne – keep fit and have fun!

body break

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