TnT is dynamite!

Last week I was very excited to have my first meeting with some of the other San Fran runners at the Team in Training office. Despite a storm brewing on the outside a few of us were able to make it and chat about running, past experiences and fundraising. A couple of the ladies there said they do about 4-5 races a year all over the place  – they were actually about to head over to Edinburgh and the one lady was going to land on Saturday evening and race Sunday. I don’t think I would ever be able to do that, especially with jet lag!

One of the reasons I decided to join in Team in Training (TnT), other than some good ‘ol fashion peer pressure, was the fact that you do this as a team. I think that TnT is unique in this sense for as far as I am aware (and correct me if I am wrong) there aren’t many charity’s out there that put the time and effort TnT does for running events.

While I haven’t raced any events with them before, the other ladies last week were saying how encouraging it is to see the purple shirts everywhere and that the coaches don’t leave until everyone part of TnT, whether it be their chapter or not, crosses the finish line. In fact, they will get back on the course and help you finish. My friend Nat who did it last year said one of the coaches was her saving grace for finishing the last bit of the full marathon (I still don’t know how she did it!).

It was also great to get some fundraising tips and speak with the other ladies about getting together to do it as a team and work together. Which reminds me, don’t’ forget to donate to me! Below is the link to my personal page to donate too and any amount you are able to donate goes a long way!  No amount is too small 🙂

This past week I got in 3 runs which I was quite happy about – did a 12 km run on Sunday which ended on a hill. I may have almost spewed at the top but felt great after. However, my hips/butt area are in so much pain that this morning’s run I wasn’t sure if my legs were actually moving they felt like tree trunks!

I would like to know why this is. Why is it that sometimes you can smash a run and other times you don’t even know if you can make it 2 kms and your legs feel like you have 8 small children attached to each that you have to carry with you!

And for your enjoyment this hilarious meme I found – enjoy your week and get out and run!!


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