A week of PB’s…and I don’t mean the sandwich

Although, let’s be honest I could eat peanut butter errday if I had to – best life staple out there.

I apologise for no blog post last week but I was away for work charming the pants off industry professionals, not in the literal sense don’t worry, and didn’t have time to write. I am happy to announce that despite my doubts I managed to shave time off my last Sporting Life 10K run and finished in a time of 54:45. Geared up in my shorts and t-shirt on the chilly day I had a great pacing buddy throughout the race, the wonderful Lysha, and we were able to finish within just seconds of each other. It was great to cross the finish line and celebrate with a great friend.

Magdi, me and Lysh all matchy matchy pre-race

Magdi, me and Lysh all matchy matchy pre-race

The course of the race runs down Yonge Street and I will shamelessly tell you that it is also the best race to achieve a PB as it’s mostly downhill. So if you’re looking for some false confidence – sign up next year!

My race time really got me thinking about how fast my pace really should be. In the mornings when I run I’ve never been overly concerned about my pace time and more just impressed that I managed to get out of bed. It turns out I should be running between a 26-28 minute 5 km at least!  While away at the conference I got in two runs at the hotel gym and managed to do my 5 km’s in approx. 26 mins so that goes with a couple new personal bests. So my new goal is to actually pay attention on my shorter runs to make sure I keep up the pace and then work towards keeping it for longer distances in my training for the half-marathon.

As a side note I would like to say something to all the people who run on treadmills at the gym. I realize that I should be congratulating you on exercising but there a few things I feel should be universal rules when at a gym on any machine.

  1. Is it possible to keep the grunting to a minimum? I mean I get you’re struggling but we’re not in the jungle and every time you do it you scare the shiz out of me as I think there is all of a sudden an attacker behind me and I’m thinking stranger danger!
  2. Conversations on your mobile phones are unnecessary. I was running beside this girl who was jogging on the treadmill, answered her phone and proceeded to have a 5 min conversation while still jogging. Impressive, yes. Necessary, probably not.
  3. Deodorant is a must. As outkast put it so nicely in their song “I know you’d like to thank your shit don’t stank/But lean a little bit closer/See that roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo/Yeah, roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo.” Seriously, if you’re in closed quarters with other people please remember personal hygiene.

Okay, and those are ‘Sarah’s tips for the week’. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and this warmer weather that is upon us, hopefully you can all make the most of it and get some outdoor activity up in your grill!

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