A message to my street supports and race prep

Happy Friday errone! We finally had an amazing week of weather with the sun shining and the sun crisping out skin – too bad that’s going to end tomorrow! I had a great week of training with some great friends who graciously agreed to run with me. I find that running with friends, especially on long runs, is a great way to catch up and talk your feelings out if needed. It also really helps the time pass and you don’t realize how far/long you’ve been running which is great.

This brings me to this week’s topic – street supporters of runners. These are the people who decide to “cheer” on runners by yelling really inspiring things like “dayum gurl”,  “you lookin fine in those shorts”, or the lazy ones who just honk their horns then stare out of their white panel van like a huge creep. I would like to request that any of you who fit into the above categories please change your tactics. Heading home from a run with my friend El I ran past a TTC employee at Yonge and Eg who very thoughtfully yelled at me to “Keep up the great work” and it was so nice. If more people yelled things like that as you run by maybe we’d be more inspired to keep going and feel good about ourselves, instead of putting our heads down and praying you don’t stop at the lights with the guy in the van.  Let’s aim to inspire the perspirers!


This weekend I am running the Sporting Life 10 K and I am looking forward to it, although I don’t know if I feel fully trained for it. It’s meant to be an easy run as most of it is on a downhill slant and I hit a PB last year and I’d like to try and beat it this year.  So here’s to hoping!

My favourite thing about race prep is that in the week before the race you’re not meant to run too much and the night before you can eat a butt load of carbs and feel like a boss for ‘carb-loading’. Obviously for a 10 k you’re not doing too much of it, but I will inhale whatever pasta dish Sam makes me on Saturday to give me the energy to smash my PB!

Well, that’s my rant for this week – results from the weekend to follow. Anyone running the 10 K this Sunday I wish you the best of luck and may the force be with you.

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