Confessions of a baby convert


A little off topic from run training, but I got to meet my nephew this weekend.  As a general rule of thumb I’ve always tried to steer clear of interacting with humans under the age of 7 as I normally find it quite awkward and to be honest I dislike a crying baby.  I’ve always been a dog lover, dogs I can handle they are cute, fluffy and great to cuddle with, babies are not.

Baby lovers, I’m sorry. I know you’re thinking right now ‘why is this girl sippin on some mad hatorade’ or however it is you would like to phrase it. But fret not, it turns out I have a love for babies after all!

Despite an awkward first introduction of baby Louis just chillin on the couch and me not sure what to do, by the end of the day I did not want to leave him and wanted to snuggle him forever. One thing I don’t get though is the smell of a baby’s head – it doesn’t smell like anything and I don’t know what you are on about. I will admit that every time Louis cried for more than 20 seconds I immediately gave him back to my mom or my sister but I’m working up to it.  My brother-in law came up with a rule of whoever declares it has to change it – I will not be declaring any strange smells in the future. I will stick to a pooper scooper for dogs!

With all of this going on I did not run on the weekend (insert your disappointed look here) which was very bad for me but I’m back on it this week! In fact I will be spending my Friday after work running along the lakeshore (rain pending). I shall update you on my progress on that front, but let it be known it will not be pretty and I will most likely be whinging about hard it is!

Happy almost Friday – the weekend is just around the corner!!

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